Friday, June 27, 2008

User interfaces and security are HARD

You know what the problem is? Webbrowser developers think they're developing the most important application for any computer. -Wouter

Weeelll.. Looking at the the long posts you and others on planet.d.o have written about a browser, one might get the opposite conclusion :) Considering the amount of work and daily business (online banks, shops, news, other services), browser is the most important application after email - and even for email many people use a browser...

Users are good at noticing usability problems. However, their proposed solutions are usually unreliable.

I'm just as annoyed as the next planet writer about the new self-signed SSL dance of FF3. But I do not pretend to know the correct solution. When dealing with security issues, knee-jerk fixes can lead to disasters. Likewise in UI design, the first idea that gets into mind probably isn't the best one.

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