Tuesday, December 16, 2008

re: how many bugs have you fixed today?

Sorry Bastian, but that marthyrdon thing doesn't work. Debian has no shortage of talkers, GR-proposers, etc. We have shortage of people of actually doing stuff. Therefor it's only fair that people not bothering fixing bugs get criticized too. And not to mention that there is enough RC bugs open that you could *easily* fix one of them before making another blog post.

This post has been brought to you by fixing #508781 and #496104. (Can I has a meme plz?)

ps, that said, pretending reaching 0 RC bugs means we have a perfect release is delusional. Bugs are found at constant rate. If we fixed bugs faster and reached 0 RC bugs a month a go, the released lenny would now have all the RC bugs found during this month. Therefor it would make much more sense to align the release schedule based on something else, such as d-i schedule and fix any RC bugs left at that point with stable release updates. update: As noted by Dato, the release update essentially says the same.

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