Friday, May 30, 2008

blog moved

Buch of quickies:
  • First, I'm moving from livejournal to blogger. Mainly because blogger allows me to email pictures/videos from my cellphone and automatically converts them to blog entries. To avoid spamming planet with unnecessary entries, only postings tagged with "Debian" be syndicated to p.d.o.
  • Was invited to UDS and Prague. Quite different from conferences where I've been before (debconf, FOSDEM). Less time spent with one person presenting and rest of room listen, more time people discussing the topic of session. Atleast this was the case in the Mobile track I mostly followed.
  • Testing scripts now consider Armel a Release architecture. \o/. The armel debian-installer should also be part of debian-installer beta2 really soon(tm) . Only getting testing-security running properly is tricky at the moment...
  • fuck I'm old now.


While I have your Attention, one of the most interesting ARM projects at the moment: beagleboard . There is _huge_ variety of ARM developer boards available, but this one has a couple of really interesting bits
  • Powered by OMAP 3530, a 600MHz ARM Cortex A8 + kitchen sink chip. Most boards are either expensive or have a "bottom-of-line" cpu.
  • Didn't I complain that TI isn't open enough? Well, since then TI now has released thousands of pages documentation for OMAP3, made omap 35xx available or purchase for anyone, and is even working to get DSP and 3D bits of OMAP3 available. And they go further - beagleboard documentation (link at bottom of elinux wikipage for boeagleboard) has everything including schematics.

Monday, May 19, 2008

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