Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting replaced by scripts - and it feels good!

As mentioned on Phils blog, Debian buildd's have now capability of autosigning builds. Today when arriving home I was greeted by an empty feeling - There was no builds to sign. The long standing routine had come to an end.

Good system administrators constantly look how to replace themselves with scripts and automation. Bad ones build job security by owning manual processes than nobody else can master.

With signing now done by some code instead of us, I (and other buildd admins) have more time and energy to work on irregular tasks - upgrading chroots, helping developers with porting problems etc. Not to mention blogging and updating ones own packages to sid..

Meanwhile, there are still some issues needing solving - $HOME isn't available on all buildds, -volatile and binNMU's need still manual signing. Certainly not the smoothest update, but it is already making life easier.