Wednesday, March 11, 2020

This is the year not to fly

If you have to choose one year when you won't fly, this year, 2020, is the one to choose. Why? Because CORSIA.

What the heck is CORSIA?

CORSIA is not a novel virus, but "Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation". In a nutshell, the aviation industry says they will freeze their co2 emissions from growing. Actually, aviation emissions are still going to grow. The airlines will just pay someone else to reduce emissions with the same amount aviation emissions rise - the "Offsetting" word in CORSIA. If that sounds like greenwashing, well it pretty much is. But that was expected. Getting every country and airline abroad CORSIA would not have been possible if the scheme would actually bite. So it's pretty much a joke.

What does it have to do with *this* Year?

The first phase of CORSIA will start next year, so the emissions are frozen to year 2020 levels. Due to certain recent events, lots of flights have already been cancelled - which means the reference year aviation emissions are already a lot less than the aviation industry was expecting. By avoiding flying this year, the aviation emissions are going to be frozen at an even lower level. This will increase cost of co2 offsetting for airlines, and the joke is going to be on them.

So consider skipping business travel and taking your holiday trip this year with something else than a plane. Wouldn't recommend a cruise ship, tho...

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  1. Thanks. But it's just self-regulation, not backed by any EU regulation or directive nor a treaty, so the aviation industry can backtrack, can't it? «Voluntary during the
    pilot and first phase (until 2026), participation will become mandatory for all states in phase II (as of 2027)»

    Unless this process with the assembly and letters from the states gives veto power to some state which cares about climate: